Welcome, Readers! Our blog today has some facts for you about security systems and preventable crimes. Did you know that, on average, there is a burglary every 23 seconds in the United States of America. This is an alarmingly high number-no pun intended. We wanted to share some facts with you about security systems and how they may help prevent crime. We want you to protect your home.

Thanks to Millenium, we have a list of 10 little known facts about security systems!

1. Burglars are more likely to avoid homes with security systems

While this statistic may not be surprising in the obvious sense, it is still an important one to be aware of. The University of North Carolina released a report that found 60% of convicted burglars admitted that the presence of a security system deterred them from targeting those homes and that they often sought out homes that ignored these measures. Yard signs and window stickers are fantastic burglar deterrents.



2. Most burglaries occur during daylight hours

Most home invasions take place between the hours of 10:00AM and 3:00PM. The time when occupants are either at school or at work. And because surrounding homes tend to keep similar hours, their chances of being noticed are significantly reduced.


3. Security systems will continue to operate during a power outage

Regardless of the model of security system you have or are considering to buy, rest assured that it will continue to function in the event of a power outage. Traditional systems powered by electricity are often of low voltage and so do not require much power to run. Many systems contain large batteries that serve as back-up generators when main power is out, including those offered from Millennium Fire & Security. There are also many new solar-powered options becoming increasingly available.


4. Experience greater flexibility and security with mobile apps

Many security companies now offer mobile app functionality. You can remotely arm your system, see alerts, and turn off false alarms right from your mobile device. Millennium Fire & Security systems all include remote access via computer or smartphone.


5. 34% of burglars enter homes through the front door

Apparently, burglars aren’t as shy about their activities as you might think, using your home’s primary entry point 34% of the time. So be sure to keep your front door closed and locked at all times.


6. Home security systems are more affordable than you think

Whether you have disposable income or are on a limited budget, there is a system out there for you. Traditional burglar systems (not to be confused with security systems) place alarm sensors on doors and windows to alert you of intruders. If your budget allows, maybe you’d prefer a larger more advanced system with extra features like fire alarms, carbon monoxide, asset protection, and access to emergency personnel. Our vision at Millennium Fire & Security is to provide safety and security systems to businesses and families at a reasonable cost.


7. Outdoor motion-activated lights can enhance your home security

Placing motion-detecting lights in strategic locations around the exterior of your home can startle potential intruders and make your home less prone to invasion. When coupled with a home security system you can significantly reduce your vulnerability to burglary.


8. Security systems can reduce your homeowner’s insurance up to 20%

Yes, you read that correctly. Homeowner’s insurance is often rolled into a lump sum with your mortgage each month, so you may not even be aware of what you’re paying. And most insurance companies will reward the installation with reduced premiums.


9. Do you work from home? A portion of your security system may be tax deductible

According you the IRS, if you “install a security system that protects all the doors and windows of your home, you can deduct the business part of the expenses you incur to maintain and monitor the system. You also can take a depreciation deduction for the part of the cost of the security system relating to the business use of your home.”


10. 87% of all burglaries are considered preventable

Whether a crime of opportunity or a premeditated plan, most burglaries can be prevented by installing even a basic burglar alarm, if not a full security system. At Millennium Fire & Security, we specialize in your safety, using the best new technology to protect your business and home.



Now that you have read some of these great facts about security systems, feel free to give us a call for a free quote personalized to your home/business. We want you to stay safe and stay informed. We want to help you protect what matters most!  Call us at (815) 521-0000


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