Hello and welcome LVI Readers! We hope that you are doing well and staying cool during this Summer heat wave. In our past blogs, we have mentioned that we are hiring fire alarm technicians. In this blog, we are going to explain what our amazing technicians do.

Fire alarm technicians (techs) have a very important job. The quality of a techs work can determine someone’s future safety. A tech designs, installs, programs and maintains a fire alarm system.  Study.com provides us with a technical ojb description.

“Job Description

Fire alarm technicians view electrical layouts contained on the builder’s blueprints to determine the appropriate fire alarm system and ensure compliance to electrical and fire codes. They discuss their findings and recommendations with the client and, if the client agrees, install and test the system to make sure it’s properly working. Technicians are also responsible for repairing any problems with the system and replacing defective parts.

Daily Job Duties

Before beginning a job, fire alarm technicians provide clients with cost estimates for system installation. During installation, holes are drilled either in the wall or ceiling to place electrical wiring and circuits. Next, technicians mount the system, attach the wires and adjust the sensitivity of the system, based on manufacturers’ instructions. They also examine and test the system to find any loose connections or circuit malfunctions. If there are problems after installation, technicians might need to repair wires and circuits or order replacement parts.”

Techs also work with local fire departments to test fire alarm systems and make sure they are ready to keep residents safe. LVI technicians are trained in Fire systems made by Potter, Siemens, Fire Lite and more!

If you have any questions or wish to become an LVI Fire Technician-leave a comment below!

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