Welcome, Readers. You read that title right! We have a new partnership! We are so very excited to announce our new partnership with, Siemens! Last week, we began a partnership with Siemens in order to better both of our companies. We now have access to the Siemens fire alarm equipment, new business, and fantastic partners. Siemens boasts a new line of equipment called Cerberus PRO. Siemens is also one of the only companies offering a No False Alarm Guarantee. This means that if there are any false alarms on your system, all costs to fix it will be completely covered. LVI is so excited to start working with this cutting edge technology. Check out a list of benefits for the Cerberus PRO line provided to us from the Siemens website:


  • A fire alarm system that is custom-built according to your safety and budget needs
  • Quick, reliable detection of fire, smoke, and carbon monoxide
  • Simple panel operation with easy access to all functions
  • Solutions for a variety of applications
  • Enhanced detection technology making detectors virtually immune to false alarms
  • Fire alarm system is flexible and can be adapted to meet changing needs or building conditions
  • Supported by Siemens’ 160 years of experience in fire safety

Join us in welcoming Siemens to the LVI family!

In other news, we have a brand new Youtube video up. Basic Fire Alarm Control Panel for Beginners. You can watch our video on our Facebook or right here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6kdgd-32Uh8&t=3s

This video is an informational video about a fire panel and some of the components that make up a fire alarm system. It is really great for beginners who have little to no experience. This quick explanation video is meant to be a very basic step into fire system knowledge. Stay tuned for more in-depth videos in the future. As always, we want to help you learn so that you can help us protect today for a safer tomorrow.

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