Hello and welcome to LVI’s new and improved website. Explore our website, learn about our products, and get a free quote for your home or business! Be sure to visit our page often to stay up to date with our brand new LVI Blog.  LVI Blog is where you’ll find updates on our business, facts about fire alarm safety, new product updates, tips & tricks, and more. Here on our blog page you will be able to comment your thoughts, concerns, and ideas in a casual way while learning what fire & security is all about.

We decided to create LVI Blog in order to build a better connection with you, our customer.  We believe in protecting what matters most. That includes keeping you safe with our products and protected with our knowledge. Come back every other week for fire statistics, tips to keep you safe, updates on new safety products, updates on our current projects, and some puzzles, riddles and trivia.

LVI Blog will be a bi-weekly entry where you will hear directly from our techs, project managers, and president! Be sure to ask questions, leave your comments, or give suggestion.  You can expect an answer from one of our writers within the week.

We take pride in the work done by our outstanding, trained technicians. They guarantee that each installation is thorough and quality work for our LVI customers.  We can’t wait for you to see it for yourself!

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The Riddler: I have a head and a tail but no body. What am I?

The Joker: How do soccer players start a fire?